Chris James


Time Traveler?


Hockey Player

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Digital Marketer

UX/UI Designer

Graphic Designer


I have a fair knowledge of front-end coding. Specfically in HTML5, CSS3, SASS, jQuery and Bootstrap. I have some cursory knowledge in PHP, HAML, and Javascript but am always looking to improve my current skills and learn new coding languages. I have also used Github and BitBucket for repositories for version control.


I love to design and draw. I have designed or helped design a few advertisements. Addtionally I also have done a fair it of UX/UI Design work. I have good knowledge of Illustrator and Photoshop, and have played around with InDesign as well. I generally to use InVision for UX/UI testing.

Animation & Video.

Animation is one of my favorite things to do. From short videos to even some of the gifs you see here. I have always found animation to be a labour of love. I tend to use After Effects 90% of the time but sometimes I have used Photoshop. I also have a fair understanding of Premiere for video editing.

Professional Work.

Personal Work.

Chris James

Hi, I'm Christopher

I am a designer and coder with over four year’s professional experience, in addition to seven years of education in the field of Marketing and Graphic Design. I love to create and I am passionate about creative design and creating fun experiences on the web for individuals. I am looking for a career that will provide me with the opportunity to expand and refine my skills and allow me to enjoy creating. I enjoy a challenging and fun work environment where one can achieve both as a team and individually.

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