Holiday Cards



Nortrax sends out a company-wide Holiday Card to all employees and customers every holiday season. I was tasked with creating a new design for the 2019 holiday season that incorporated the equipment Nortrax sold with standard holiday scenery and paraphernalia. The four designs where the variety of different holiday scenes I choose to create as viable options for the card. I choose to make a few different variations so that the marketing team as a whole would have a variety of options to choose from.

Design Tools

  • Photoshop

My Role

  • Graphic Designer


  • 2019

My Role

My role for this project was the main graphic designer. Because this project was more for internal and customer relations more attributed to Nortrax then John Deere I had a bit more freedom in the type of designs and scenarios I could portray.

I decided to go with trying to create photo compositions of classical Holiday type scenes with John Deere equipment thrown in as I felt it gave a more authentic feel that a standard hand dawn or illustrated picture. I wanted to really invoke the holiday feeling that comes with viewing a wintery scene or indoor fireplace while adding the humorous twist of having John Deere equipment incorporated in the scene.

Design Process

All cards were made through Photoshop by creating a composite image of John Deere equipment and standard holiday scenes one would expect to see. Each composite image card was created by gathering a holiday themed background and bringing in John Deere machines, and other holiday themed objects.

Then the lighting and color of the machines and objects were adjusted to more closely resemble the lighting and color on the environment I was putting them in. Care was also taken to make sure to instill the correct shadow projection based on the source of the lighting from the background image.

Finally, a selective color overlay was added to the entire image to apply an overall effect that would add to the multiple images and background looking like one cohesive image.

In order for there to be a bit more variety I also decided to make an ugly sweater card as well. This involved getting a useable sweater themed background and silhouetting a bunch of images on to this background.

Finally, once all the silhouettes were placed in a spot the was reminiscent of an ugly sweater pattern, I switched the blending modes so that the silhouettes would look knitted into the sweater background.

Final Thoughts

The pictures above show the final results of the composites and ugly sweater designs.

The first card is meant to be a mock-up of a standard ‘Ugly’ Christmas Sweater with silhouettes of John Deere machines alongside standard holiday imagery. This was ultimately the decided upon card that would be used.

The second card is meant to represent a stereotypical winter scene with John Deere Backhoe, and added holiday imagery such as a Christmas Tree, Snowman and Presents.

The third card is a composite of a Christmas indoor scene and a John Deere Dozer and Feller Buncher, each of which are machines that Nortrax sold along with a teddy bear for a more cozying effect.

The final card is the most complex with the most composite pieces including a John Deere Compact Track Loader, several presents and a burlap sack all being left on the rooftop.

Ultimately the sweater design was chosen because the marketing team felt it was the most festive while not being too overly focused on being Christmas as we wanted to try and respect all the religious views of each and every one of our customers.