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As a John Deere owned dealership, Nortrax does a lot of advertising of John Deere deals. The More-For-Less Lease was a promotional deal that John Deere had placed on some of its Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders as a way to increase leasing and purchases. While John Deere does provide a fair bit of marketing material, this was more or less for print advertising. I was given the opportunity to create some promotional items for Nortrax as well as some more generic advertisements that we could run on our Social Media organically as well as through a contracted Digital Marketing Company.

Design Tools

  • Photoshop

Animation Tools

  • After Effects
  • Photoshop

My Role

  • Graphic Designer
  • Animator


  • 2019

My Role

My role in Nortrax’s Compact Construction Equipment (CCE) Promotion was to create a series of adverts that could be used in both Facebook’s and Instagram’s various advertising formats (carousel, stories, etc.). The main mechanism for the triggering of these ads would be by geolocation. Nortrax working in conjunction with Geometry Global, which was a John Deere authorized ad agency, would get up geo fences around competitor locations. If a potential customer walked into a competitor store their phone would enter the ‘fenced in’ geolocation and let Facebook know they had entered an area being targeted by our ads. Facebook and Instagram would then run these ads to the potential customers.

The main focus of these ads was centered around John Deere’s ‘More-For-Less Lease’ Promotion on compact equipment as well as a general reminder to customers to look and Nortrax as a potential provider for their equipment needs.

As the Digital Marketing Specialist, I was tasked with creating the CCE and General Promotions that fit more in line with the Nortrax Brand but still focused on the prestige of the John Deere Brand. Additionally, I was in charge of creating the landing page for the promotion on the Nortrax website. This would be the page that customers be taken to if they clicked on the ad.


Because the promotion was to run for a few months the goal was to create multiple ads so that there was a fair bit of variation in how the messages were presented both in the method used and how the information was presented. However, there still needed to be a fair balance between varying how the information was presented while also making all the ads seem unified across the different platforms and methods in which they would be presented (basic campaign advertising 101).

The main focus and theme of the ads was to convey to the user John Deere as a viable option for their construction needs. We ended up using the operative word ‘think’ as a center point to our ads because we knew we were ultimately targeting potential customers, looking for equipment/parts, that were not heading to Nortrax dealerships. Therefore, we wanted the customers to stop and think/consider John Deere equipment as a viable option.

While we wanted customers to be thinking of Deere as a viable option al round, in order to stay on message with the whole promotion we centered most of these ads on the compact equipment as well. This would allow us to send customers to our landing page regarding the CCE Promotion without causing dissonance for the customer.

Ultimately this ‘Think Deere’ message would be reinforced by the fact that the plan was to have these ads run and target these customers as soon as possible once they had entered the geolocation area around Nortrax’s competitors. The goal was to either a) introduce the potential customer to the fact that John Deere also sold construction equipment that could fit their needs or b) remind them that John Deere was a viable option.


In determining how we would design the ads we decided to look at a variety of different mobile advertisements to see if we could gain any inspiration or insight into what the current social media ad trends were.

Ultimately through our research we focused on four key points we wanted to make sure our ads covered.

1. Visual.

2. Relevant.

3. Includes an Enticing Proposition.

4. Clear CTA.

Most articles and research we looked act seemed to either explicitly or implicitly mention these as 4 of the most key factors in in creating meaningful and engaging online mobile ads.

We felt that with our bright yellow and clean presentation (visual), targeting users who were actively heading to construction equipment dealers (relevant), presenting Deere as a viable option for all their construction needs coupled with a focused presentation of cost affordable rental options (proposition & call-to-action) that we had a messaging and presentation fairly well covered.

In designing the ads specifically, we looked across a varying array of marketing websites with lists of quality advertisements as well as what competitors were currently doing.

The final choice was to create ads that had strong contrast, black on bright yellow and to keep the ads as de-cluttered as possible, whenever possible to keep the messaging clear.

Design Phase

The design phase was relatively simple. Because we knew the messaging and the focus we wanted to place on the compact equipment we mainly focused on how to present the message. After some deliberation and ideas we had bookmarked in the Research phase we decided the best presentation would be to keep things simple. We decided that a simple background would help put the machines from and center in the message. Having just the machine, promo logo and pricing was the best way we felt would be the best way to maximize the use of space for each ad.

For the more general ads we wanted to display the machines as well as the overall message. We felt the plain background rather then complicated action shots meant we would be afforded better contrast and more noticeable large text that that if any users where to be scrolling quickly we would hopefully be able to grab their attention.

With these two main goals in mind, I created the ads for each and every method that Geometry Global would be using in order vary the way in which we were delivering our message. I created all the ads within Photoshop and brought each PSD File into After Effects so that we could have video/gif versions of the ads in order to have the messaging be uniform and cohesive.

Landing Page

The final part of the CCE Promotion plan was to create a Landing Page for customers who had clicked on the ads. Below is the ultimate design we went with. The goal was to create a simplistic one-pager that would help notify the user that they were on the correct page and that he information on the page was clear and concise. The design of the page mirrored that page layout used by John Deere on their website. It was modified by me to better match the promotional campaign Nortrax was running. On the page the user could gain further information on the lease promotion, view the specifications of the machines in detail and allow them to actually request a rental of the machine.


Our primary colors for this campaign were Nortrax's company colors: black, white and yellow. The colors were chosen because we wanted to make sure that this promo would be closely tied Nortrax and John Deere. This was because aside from promoting the John Deere brand we wanted to also promotes Nortrax as a whole as well.



‘Play’ was chosen as the primary font because we felt it presented well. Its clean and is a nice combination of square and round and seemed unique to be eye-catching but still modern and clean. We felt it would have good legibility in small fonts which would be present in out ads.

Final Thoughts

The overall objective of the Nortrax’s focused advertising campaign was to promote John Deere’s compact equipment line to potential customers as well as offer up a tangible value proposition to those customers in the form of the ‘More-For-Less' Lease.

Using the John Deere brand as well as taking a simplistic yet eye-catching approach in our advertisements to promote these objectives, we saw a marked increase in in the traffic to our site, especially to our rental pages which saw a 36% increase in traffic over the 6 months the offer was in effect. We also saw an increase in compact equipment rental and sales as reported by the sales team.

Part of this can be attributed to the multiple advertising channels/methods that were used through Facebook and Instagram as well as the effectiveness of using the geo-location targeting to ensure that those who would see the advertisements were customers, we could reasonably assume were currently in the market for construction equipment.